These Glass Features Are Modern Décor Essentials

These Glass Features Are Modern Décor Essentials

Come to our showroom to find stylish home accessories

Your home décor should reflect your tastes, so what better way to complement your modern style than stunning glass features? At Eastside Glass, you can find all kinds of glass features in one place. We only carry products that we'd be proud to hang up in our homes.

Stop by our showroom in Utica, NY today to purchase glass...

  • Picture frames, which will make your family photos look fabulous
  • Bathroom mirrors, which can make your space seem larger
  • Shower doors, which are so easy to clean
  • Tabletops, which come in three colors

You'll appreciate our extensive selection of top-quality products.

Don't replace your old windows just yet

We can repair tattered window screens and leaky single- or double-pane windows. Our master glazers specialize in Thermopane window pane repair.

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